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OnCore’s 6 tips for navigating festive feasts

Don’t let anything kill your festive spirit this year.

Here are our 6 Top Tips for navigating festive feasts…drum roll please…

1. Don’t overthink it. So you ate too much cheese. Acknowledge it then move on. 😊

2. Move when you can. A brisk walk with the fam is a wonderful way to pull yourself out of a pudding nap. 🚶🏽‍

3. Food envy? Have a little bit of everything. But just a little bit. Recruit a friend and remember sharing is caring 👫

4. Eat mindfully. Listen to your body. Stop when you’re satisfied. 🧠

5. Savour every mouthful. The festive season is delicious. Enjoy it with your loved ones! 🕯🎄💝

6. Refer to point 1. 🧀😉

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