OnCore Nutrition

At OnCore Nutrition we strive to keep you well. Regardless of your health concerns or treatment plans, we will empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to nurture yourself or your loved ones to achieve optimal health.

With close to 20 years  combined specialised experience in nutrition and dietetics, the team at OnCore can provide tailored nutrition advice specific to your health and wellness goals.

Oncology nutrition

Close to 20 years combined experience in cancer care for all ages, from paediatrics, adolescents, adults and the elderly. Experience with all cancer diagnoses and treatment types.

Cancer prevention, pre-treatment and pre-surgery nutrition optimisation, nutrition during and after treatment, optimising recovery and improving survivorship.

Health, disease management and preventative nutrition

Tailored nutritional interventions to your unique health profile and needs to keep you in good health for longer.

Eating disorders, weight and body image management

Advanced training in Eating Disorder management, the Non-Diet Approach, Advanced Motivational interviewing and mindful and intuitive eating practices to understand and improve complex food relationships.

Nutrition & Dietetics

Let us support you through your health journey, empowering you to use food as a tool to enhance your health, wellbeing and quality of life.

Two Peas In A Podcast

Your weekly dose of nutrition news from OnCore Nutrition.

Tailor Your Plate

Your OnCore dietitians have expertise in the management a range of conditions across the lifespan.

Lauren and Elise have extensive experience in the management of all cancer types at all stages. They are trained in the management of eating disorders and weight management, including the Non-Diet Approach. They are passionate about preventative nutrition, helping to optimise your true health potential.

They have close to 20 years combined experience in nutrition, dietetics and cancer care, having worked at one of the world’s leading specialist cancer, private and paediatric hospitals in Melbourne. Elise and Lauren have further education in complementary and alternative therapies, paediatric, adolescent and young adult nutrition and dietetics, eating disorders, Non-Diet Approach, cancer survivorship and palliative care.

The OnCore team are passionate about delivering tailored nutrition and lifestyle advice that is specific to your needs. They will consider your medical and family history, genetic and environmental risk factors, personal goals and lifestyle and nurture you and your loved ones with the very best evidence-based nutritional care.

Let us support you through your health journey, empowering you to use food as a tool to enhance your health, wellbeing and quality of life.

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Appointments can be made at any of our locations either online or by phoning Platinum Physio on (03) 8554 0111.

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