Allied Health Oncology Group

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Supporting multidisciplinary cancer care in community and private practice

AHOG is group of Allied Health (AH) clinicians committed to providing best practice oncology care across the continuum. AHOG aims to enhance interdisciplinary relationships through shared resources, education, events, fundraisers and collaborative models of care. AHOG’s collaborative nature aims to improve access to and awareness of specialised oncology care.

Elise and Lauren founded AHOG after identifying that AH oncology clinicians working in the private sector would benefit from increased support and networking to improve knowledge, strengthen relationships and optimise patient care during treatment and into survivorship.

AHOG Mission

To create a network of like-minded AH clinicians working in the oncology space to enhance opportunities for collaboration, education and optimised patient outcomes.

AHOG Values


Multidisciplinary, evidence-based oncology care across the continuum (from prevention through to survivorship).


Cultivate a supportive and united environment


Support clinicians working in the oncology field through shared resources, education, events, opportunities for  collaboration and mentoring.

AHOG Goals

Enhance knowledge in multidisciplinary oncology care.
Enhanced interdisciplinary relationships.
Provide an opportunity for interdisciplinary education and learning.
Facilitate interdisciplinary care opportunities in line with best-practice recommendations
Event collaboration and fundraising opportunities.
Increased involvement in research opportunities.
Support public AH awareness, referral pathways and communication.
Support clinician mental health through debriefing and discussion around difficult patient cases.

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