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Standard Fees*

Initial Consultation (45-60 minutes)   |  $190
Initial Consultation (senior clinician)  |  $200
Initial Consultation (director)              |  $250

Review consultation (20-30 minutes)   |  $100

Extended Review (45-60 minutes)      |  $190
Extended Review (senior clinician)     |  $200
Extended Review (director)                 |  $250

NDIS appointments                              |  Billed according to NDIS pricing

Home Visits                                           |  Contact us for availability and pricing

Mentoring 45-60 mins                         | $180-200
Business Coaching                              | $180-200

Many of the above appointments can access a $58.30 rebate via Medicare with Chronic Disease Management Plan or Eating Disorder Care Plan**

Phone | Telehealth Consults

Wherever you are, we’re here to support you. We offer Telehealth video and phone consultations anywhere in the world. Bookings can be made online or by phoning 0435 464 778. Please be sure to specify that this is a Telehealth consultation if booking online. Alternatively you can contact us with your preferred dates and times below.


* Prices and availability may vary and are subject to change
** Medicare rebates may be available for a total of 5 allied health visits per calendar year with the Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plan or up to 20 sessions per year with GP Eating Disorder Care Plan.

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For support finding a time at any of our locations, please phone 0435 464 778.

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